Sweater weather

Maria Nann

Yesterday, a phenomenon occurred.

All over campus, students and professors alike stopped and stared as white flecks, although few and far between, began falling from the sky.

‘Tis the season, right?

With snow around the corner, many are now forced to confront Old Man Winter, who is making his appearance with a biting vengeance.

And to handle that all too familiar vengeance?

“I bundle up and wear a jacket,” freshman aeronautics major Nate Michaels said. “And I put those little hand-warmer things in my shoes.”

Miranda Reed, freshman communications major, is also a fan of the hand-warmers.

“You can put them in your gloves, your boots, your pockets,” Reed said.

Warm drinks, such as hot chocolate, can also keep you warm on cold winter days said Rebecca Mohr, freshman public relations major.

“I get hot drinks, like hot chocolate, and drink it on the way to class,” she said. ” … It keeps you warm.”

Bethany Schlotterer, freshman psychology major, agreed hot drinks are the way to go.

“Drink Jazzman’s hot chocolate and coffee,” she said. “It’s amazing.”

Need more than a drink?

Sweaters and other types of winter apparel seem to be staples in students’ closets this season.

“I’m going to wear a sweater and a vest to class this week,” said Valerie Lattin, freshman visual communication design major.

Schlotterer also shared her love of sweaters.

“I have, like, a trillion of them,” she said enthusiastically. “And the only thing I like about winter is that I get to wear sweaters.”

Nathan Maggiore, freshman business management major, thinks hoodies are the way to go.

“I wear hoodies to keep warm. But I just wear a hoodie and shorts all year long,” he added, laughing. “I just don’t think when I get dressed.”

Mohr, however, does think about her clothing.

“Layer clothing to keep warm outside and cool in heated buildings,” she said. “And make sure you wear a hat, because most body heat escapes through the head.”

These layering accessories – hats, gloves, scarfs and heavy coats – are popular with many during the winter season, including Alex Blough, freshman computer science major.

Blough said he makes sure to bundle up before heading to class.

“I wear a scarf,” Blough said. “I’m one of the few guys who do. And I wear a super-soft jacket. I love that jacket.”

Coats, Reed said, are a necessity on cold, blustery winter days.

“Einstein’s Attic has the coolest winter jackets, so that’s a good place to get a warm coat cheaply,” she said.

Whether layering, bundling, or sipping a hot drink, it’s clear Kent State students plan to meet Old Man Winter head on this season.

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