Snap Judgment: “He Said She Said” Ashley Tisdale

Jeff Russ

“He Said She Said” Ashley Tisdale

Listens Before It Gets Old: 2

Stater Rating (out of 5): *

We didn’t like Ashlee Simpson or Ashley Parker Angel, and we don’t like Ashley Tisdale.

Oh great, another pop song with crappy lyrics played over a lame hip-hop beat. In her new single, Ashley Tisdale, who I’m sure worked real hard to be a “singer,” describes a girl as “Jessica Alba fantastic.”

If you enjoy music, you won’t enjoy this song. With terrible lyrics and vocals that sound like Britney Spears on the verge of lung collapse, Tisdale’s song may be the next thing that will cause me to consider driving into a tree. At the end she tells the boy, “You’re gonna like it,.” No Ashley, I’m not.

Jeff Russ