Authorities take Stow man into custody after five-hour standoff

Tyrel Linkhorn

A Kent Police car sits in the middle of Kent Road during a standoff in Stow this afternoon. Although the standoff occurred outside the Kent Police jurisdiction, the city sent officers to help with the situation. KATIE ROUPE | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: DKS Editors

WATCH video of the standoff

A 45-year-old man who threatened to kill himself at his Kent Road residence in Stow was taken into custody around 3:30 this afternoon.

Lt. Anne Stirm of the Stow Police Department said the man made several threats, “the most critical of which was he wanted suicide by cop,” she said prior to the man being taken into custody. “I believe he has made a threat to shoot some rounds off in an attempt to get the police to shoot him.”

The man was reportedly armed with a rifle, possibly a .22 caliber.

His name has not be released.

Others who live at the home were not present during the situation

Neighboring residents were notified of the situation and some evacuated the area earlier in the day.

“We are fortunate … that it’s during the day and people are at work,” Stirm said.

Stirm said the Portage County Sheriff’s office received what she believes was a third-party call just before 10 a.m. this morning. The sheriff’s office forwarded the call to the Stow Police Department, which set up a perimeter, she said.

One of Stow’s day shift officers, officer Al Hamilton, is also a hostage negotiator with the Metro SWAT, and began leading negotiations before Metro SWAT arrived. Negotiations lasted approximately five hours.

Kent Police Department assisted with blocking state Route 59. The road was closed between Spaulding Drive and Fishcreek Road. Traffic along the detour was nearly at a standstill. The section of Route 59 is now open.

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