More students attending coffee with interim dean

Angelo Gargaro

Chemistry majors put down their beakers and safety goggles to meet with Jerry Feezel, interim dean of the College of the Arts and Sciences, yesterday in Williams Hall.

The event, known as “Donuts with the Dean,” gives students the opportunity to meet with Feezel to share their thoughts, ideas and concerns.

The turnout was much larger than the one held last month in Bowman Hall. Feezel said it was because of the location. He also said he feels students are hearing more about this event, and it’s sparking more of an interest in them.

“Most of the students that I have met and talked with are in the arts and sciences,” Feezel said. “Students are becoming more aware.”

Junior chemistry major Ray Gipson, who had never met Feezel before, saw this as an opportunity to discuss the issues he had with the department.

“The only thing that I am having problems with is the scheduling of classes,” Gipson said. “They only offer one class at one time, and I need certain classes for my major but they conflict. It is just not being resolved by my department.”

Many other students met with Feezel. Some were on their way to classes, while others came by to check out the event. With a better turnout this time, it is likely that more events such this will occur.

However, Feezel may be finally hitting retirement — for the second time — with the dean search coming to a close.

“From what I can tell, we have some good people in the pool,” Feezel said. “I am hopeful that we have a really good person who wants to take over this job.”

Feezel also said that once the candidate is chosen, he is willing to stay around and help the college transition more smoothly.

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