Save the World holds Walk for Water

Kelly Pickerel

Save the World will hold a Walk for Water at 7 p.m. tonight, starting in Risman Plaza and ending near Front Campus.

The walk will raise money and awareness for clean drinking water in developing countries, said Katie Dougans, president of Save the World.

“The need for clean drinking water is a basic human right,” she said.

The group will contribute the funds it raises to the Hippo Water Roller Project, which helps alleviate the pressures of those living in areas that lack drinking water.

Hippo Rollers are twenty-gallon barrels connected to screw-on caps and steel handles. These barrels can be filled with water and pushed across the land rather than being carried on a person’s head.

“Hippo Rollers help transport water to developing countries,” Dougans said. “Women usually carry water on their heads, and this helps them.”

Two typical five-gallon barrels that are carried atop the head will be at the walk tonight, so people can get a feeling of how women transport water, Dougans said.

This is the first time the group has held a Walk for Water, but Dougans said Save the World has always focused on the need for awareness for clean drinking water.

– Kelly Pickerel