Weekend drill restricts parking

Krystyl Patterson

An emergency management drill will be conducted on campus Saturday, affecting certain parking lots around Eastway Center.

Lots that will be closed due to the drill are S-37 Eastway (directly across from Eastway Center); R-6 Library; R-6 DeWeese Health Center; C-Ice Arena (back of the lot); C/S-Science (upper section).

The Eastway Center will also be closed to visitors between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.

Vehicles should be moved from restricted lots by 5 p.m. tomorrow. Vehicles not moved may be towed to another lot at the owner’s expense.

Dean Tondiglia, assistant chief of the Campus Police Department, said the lots should reopen by 4 p.m. Saturday.

Permit holders that will be affected by this drill, faculty and community residents were notified.

“E-mails were sent out to permit holders and students living in the area,” said Larry Emling, manager of parking services.

The C/S-Science lot is going to be used as the staging area for the drill.

The S-37 and R-6 lots are where the actual scenario will be taking place.

To prevent parking problems during the drill, parking in alternate lots will be available.

According to the e-mail Parking Services sent to permit holders, the other S-37 parking areas around Tri-Towers and Twin Towers, C-Music and Speech parking lot, lower section of the C-Science lot along Summit Street, C-Michael Schwartz Center lot and the C-Verder parking lot. Non-restricted staff lots will also be used for alternate parking during the drill.

However, Tondiglia doesn’t foresee a problem.

“Most of these lots are generally empty over the weekend,” he said.

During the exercise, there will be access to campus using Leebrick Road.

Questions and concerns can be directed to Parking Services at (330) 672-4432.

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