What kills me about pop culture is…

… rehab is the new black. It shouldn’t be a fad that comes and goes, and celebrities shouldn’t treat it as a place they can just jet off to after having too much to drink at Hyde night club. When did rehab become the ideal vacation spot for celebrities? Look past the People magazine on the grocery store stand; there are people who actually need rehab, and I’m not just talking about Miss Lohan.

– Brittany Mosely

… celebrity baby names. They’re almost as ridiculous as the belief that the parents who conceived them will stay together. Hollywood couples come and go like the days of the week, but their offspring, and most pointedly, their ten-syllable names, have a way of sticking around. Go figure.

If these stars really cared about their children, they would give them normal, sane names far from an instantaneous association with a life of hangovers and prostitution. Because a mash-up of consonants and vowels such as Moxie CrimeFighter or Spec Wildhorse sounds less like a person’s name and more like . word vomit.

– Jinae West

… stars, a.k.a Lindsey Lohan, get arrested day in and day out, and they still don’t realize “Hey, maybe I’m doing something wrong.” Lohan gets out of jail one night and she goes back in the next. Do they reserve a jail cell for her on Fridays and Saturdays? Does she leave an overnight bag? Because she acts like nothing happened when she goes in and comes out. Wake up, Lindsey! This goes on your permanent record and some day it will make a difference.

– Megan Rozsa