Security requests go up

Kevin Gareau

Calls to campus security’s escort service have increased since the Sept. 6 announcement that a student was possibly sexually assaulted on campus.

Before the assault, security provided an average of one to two escorts a night. That number has gone up to seven to eight a night since the assault.

However, security manager Brian Hellwig said the total number of calls for escorts has actually gone down from this time last year.

“Last year at this time we had 91 calls,” Hellwig said. “This year, we have 70.”

Hellwig said he is not sure why the number of calls has decreased, but he thinks it is because of increased safety measures.

“I judge the number of escorts as a measure of how safe the students feel,” he said.

Hellwig added that there is now more lighting around campus, so students may not be as afraid to walk on campus alone at night.

Hellwig said he believes the number of escort calls has gone up recently because the service is more publicized than it used to be.

“There have been stories about it in the Stater, and we have put posters up in all the residence halls,” Hellwig said.

Hellwig said the number of overall calls to security increased 74 percent from 2005 to 2006, but has remained fairly steady since. Last year, campus security reported 3,261 calls.

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