‘Academic freedom should never be taken for granted’

Jennifer Larson

Dear Editor :

In regards to the article, “Academic freedom main issue for faculty”: Mission statements are in large part directed toward external audiences, and these audiences need to be reminded why academic freedom matters in a publicly- funded institution. This is precisely because critical inquiry in a free society cannot exist without it. “Academic freedom as the

foundation for critical inquiry in a

democratic society” must retain its place on the list of core values in Kent State’s

strategic plan.

This is the most fundamental of values in any university, and it is necessary for high quality in both teaching and research. The real question is not whether President Lefton supports academic freedom (I know he does), but whether it is a significant part of the way we define ourselves for groups outside the university. Academic freedom should never be taken for granted, and we need to continue to emphasize its


Jennifer Larson

Professor of Classics

Modern and Classical Language Studies