KSU staff strives to keep students safe

Kevin Gareau

Signs for Safety Week are posted at the entrances of the Eastway Cafe. All this week, students can explore different aspects of campus safety, including fire, cleanliness and self-defense, at Eastway.

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Credit: Ron Soltys

Students passing through the Eastway Center Caf‚ this week will have the opportunity to learn about campus safety, said Autumn Piller, marketing manager for Dining Services.

Piller said experts on different types of safety, from food to elevators, will make presentations throughout the week on the second floor of Eastway. All presentations will be held from 4:30 to 7 p.m. During the fire safety presentation, held yesterday, Fire Safety Coordinator Ed Moisio answered students’ questions and showed an informational video about the 2005 Allyn Hall fire.

Junior marketing major Tamara Henderson said the video was informative, but not surprising.

“It teaches you to use common sense, really,” she said. She added the information presented in the video is important, however.

“It will prevent us from having to leave the dorms at four in the morning because of burnt popcorn,” she said.

Today, students can see how clean their hands are during Associate Director of Dining Services John Goehler’s presentation on food safety, Piller said.

Representatives from Ruckus, the free music downloading service, will be on hand Wednesday to talk about Internet safety. On Thursday, Alice Ickes from the Kent State Police Department will talk about personal safety. Piller said Ickes will be bringing a self-defense expert who will teach students about both verbal and physical self-defense.

“People forget about verbal self-defense,” Piller said. “Words hurt.”

Piller said Simon the Squirrel will also be there Thursday, and students can play “Simon Jeopardy” for a chance to win prizes.

Friday will be electrical and elevator safety, and Jim Kurtz from Campus Environment and Operations will talk about safety tips.

Piller said it is important for students to attend Safety Week.

“These are tips from the experts that could help you in the future,” she said. “You also get to meet the people who are helping you on campus. I think it’s huge for students.”

Safety Week

Today: Food safety. John Goehler, associate director of Dining Services, will use special technology that will allow students to see how clean their hands are.

Wednesday: Internet safety. Representatives from Ruckus will be on hand to discuss how to safely use the Internet.

Thursday: Personal safety. Alice Ickes from the Kent State Police Department will give tips on self-defense.

Friday: Electrical and elevator safety. Jim Kurtz from Campus Environment and Operations will offer tips.

Source: Autumn Piller, marketing manager for Dining Services

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