Students expand their knowledge in countries from Mexico to Italy through programs

Becky Smith

During the upcoming school year, about 375 Kent State students will get a taste of the world.

From Switzerland to Great Britain, Kent State students will land abroad to study a variety of subjects and take part in a multitude of life-changing experiences.

Students will begin leaving next week.

Alan Coe, assistant director of the Office of International Affairs, said four of Kent State’s most distinct study abroad programs include the architecture program in Florence, Italy; the fashion design program, also in Florence; the Geneva Semester; and the College of Business program in France.

Students are encouraged to investigate study abroad programs as soon as they entertain the idea, said Judith Carroll, program manager at the Office of International Affairs. The application process usually takes about a full semester.

Most students study abroad either during their junior or senior years, Coe said. He also said any student can study abroad, but not every program is for everyone.

Program costs vary from $2,350 to $12,000, not including extra personal costs. A variety of scholarships are offered, and financial aid applies to the programs.

“Our goal for Kent is to increase the number of students who study abroad,” Carroll said.

The university offers several programs that enable students to get a taste of other cultures around the world.

“(The goal) is to provide a reasonable range of university-sponsored options that are reasonably priced with sufficient academic rigor and opportunities to rationally understand other cultures,” Coe said.

Carroll said the Office of International Affairs prepares its students for their experiences by facilitating workshops, which help prepare students psychologically for their journey. It also hosts an orientation.

“I think travel and studying abroad gives you a sense of adventure, romance and independence,” Coe said.

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