Air conditioning to blame for water leaks in two residence halls

Emily Andrews

Air-conditioning pipes being turned on caused some rooms to leak water in Beall and McDowell halls but all issues have now been resolved.

“I had a pipe leak in my room,” junior education major Celvin Jones said. “It leaked in intervals of four seconds. I listened to it before I went to sleep.

“I called it in Saturday, and they fixed it Monday. I guess they fixed it in a timely fashion.”

While Bob Misbrener, associate director for campus environment and operations, said there were five different issues that had to do with water leaks, most had to do with the building being air-conditioned.

The air-conditioning pipes needed to be cleaned.

“We do our best to do a room check,” Misbrener said. “They have a check sheet, but if someone has a summer assignment, they can get missed. So we just have to deal with it when the problem arises. The way most issues were handled was after-hours.”

All campus preventative maintenance handled the different calls about water leaking.

A pipe developed a small pin-sized leak that maintenance put a clamp on but they had to wait till the next day for a specialized part.

Misbrener said that after the initial water leaks, there have been no other issues.

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