A new step in sports coverage

Jonas Fortune

I’m greedy and compulsive. When I want to know something, I need to know it now. So I am constantly checking the national media for my answers. Did Mike Vick file his plea? Yes, ESPN.com told me about it at 6:04 p.m. Friday night. Will Reggie Miller return to the NBA and play for the revamped Celtics? Na, CNNSI.com said about an hour earlier.

The Internet has become a powerful tool for journalists. It is lightning quick, offers great opportunities to provide multimedia coverage and — most of all — satisfies my greedy impulses.

It’s no big secret that as a journalist, my future lies with the Web.

But, I am also a newspaper traditionalist. The Internet will never be able to replace holding up the daily paper and getting that news fix we all crave without killing our retinas.

So, I plan on taking that step forward with the best of both worlds.

As a rabid sports fan, I often found the Stater’s coverage of football games troublesome. If a game is played Saturday, what Kent State fan will be excited to read the game story in Monday’s print edition? Anyone who really wanted to know would have already surfed the Web Saturday night.

Well, I want you to come to us.

Our Web site, KentNewsNet.com, will give you updates immediately after a game ends with a quick recap. Check back a few hours later and you will find the game story that typically runs in the Monday edition of the Stater. No more waits, no more hassles and no more stale stories in Monday’s print edition.

And speaking of Monday’s paper, it won’t forget about the weekend either. In place of the two-day-old game story that used to occupy our sports page, how about a fresh one?

Sure, it will still center around Saturday’s game, but will feature a broader perspective of the team and more of a focus on analysis. A fresher angle on the weekend’s happenings.

And it doesn’t just stop with football. Whether you’re a volleyball fan, a field hockey fan, a soccer fan or just want to know what is up with Kent State sports: come to us for up-to-the-minute coverage.

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