If you’re 21, get your drink on in downtown Kent

Brindi Bays

A bar tender, who patrons call “Frankie C.”, pours a customer a draft. DAVID RANUCCI | SUMMER KENT STATER

Credit: DKS Editors

Instead of entertaining yourself in the dorm this semester, walk, ride or hop on the late-night PARTA bus and get a feel for the downtown scene.ÿ

The downtown Kent area offers students a wide variety of entertainment, from karaoke nights and live music to pool tables and peanut fights.ÿ

Much of the fun happens at the downtown bars.

Kyle Etcher, senior justice studies major, said his favorite bar is Ray’s Place.ÿ

Ray’s Place, located at 135 Franklin Ave., has been known for its food, drinks and friendly atmosphere since its debut in 1937. ÿ

“The wheel is a legend,” owner Charlie Thomas said.

Customers spin the wheel on their 21st birthday and get whatever drink it stops on, compliments of Ray’s.ÿ

“I like Ray’s because of their selection of microbrews and imported beers,” senior sociology major Annaliese Russell said.

Ray’s has more than 150 bottled beers and 46 beers on tap.

Another hit with the college crowd is The Loft, located at 112 W. Main St., which has been in business since 1964.ÿ

“I like The Loft because of the free peanuts and because it’s really laid back,” said Lyndsay Petruny, senior broadcast news major.ÿ

The downstairs is the perfect place to go during the week to play pool and hang out, she said.ÿ

Petruny is not alone when it comes to The Loft and its peanuts.ÿ

“Love the peanuts,” said Abby Peltz, senior middle childhood education major. “But I like how you can sit in those huge wooden booths.”ÿ

When it comes to entertainment, senior Spanish major Colleen Malone said she prefers the Zephyr Pub located at 106 W. Main St.ÿ

“The Zephyr always has the best live music out,” she said.ÿ

Senior geology major Jessica Barnes said the Zephyr patio is wonderful, and its best feature is the walk-up window to Taco Tantos.

Club Khameleon, located at 626 N. Water St., is a good choice for people looking for a variety of entertainment in one place. The bar features open mic nights, karaoke and live music.ÿ

The Outpost, no longer a strip club, is famous for its live music. The bar, located at 4962 state Route 43, welcomes students 18 and over. Sometimes, however, it limits its customers to 21 and over depending on the band playing, said employee Clay Casamento.ÿ

The Brewhouse Pub, located at 244 N. Water St., is the place to go for cheap drafts and $1 cherry bombs, which are mixed drinks consisting of Vodka and Red Bull.ÿ

“I like the Brewhouse because it’s one of the few places that let you in if you’re under 21,” said Jen Chambers, junior integrated language arts major.ÿ

But if students aren’t up to venturing downtown, the Rathskeller, located in the lower level of the Student Center, is the only full-service bar on campus. The bar is open 5 to 11 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

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