Britney burned out? K. Fed fed up?

Elizabeth Rund

Looks like “Chaotic” was just the beginning – Britney’s problems never seem to end. K. Fed has filed for custody of their kids, and now Family Services has opened an investigation.

Imagine the TV ratings Britney Spears and “K. Fed” could pull now.

Their less-than-spectacular show, “Chaotic,” met its timely death a few years back due to off-pitch singing and sickening smooches. (Just what we needed, another Nick and Jessica.)

Funny how their chaos now could fill at least four more seasons.

From pop idol to emotional mess, the very public life of Spears has been a

roller-coaster ride of epic proportions.

From shaving her head to accusing her mother of sleeping with her ex-husband, the fallen diva’s troubles only seem to grow as time goes on (just like K. Fed’s spouse support).

But in light of recent events, Miss Spears (please note the M-I-S-S has been adopted after not one, but two divorces have been finalized) has more to worry about than a pair of missing underwear and a photo shoot that ended in tears and fried chicken stains.

When Spears married back-up dancer Kevin Federline in September 2004, no one could have imagined the couple would be divorced with two children and a messy custody battle just three years later. (Except maybe ex-hubby Jason Alexander and ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake … and oh yeah, the rest of the world.)

Federline has now filed for physical custody of the two children.

On Aug. 27, Harvey Levin of reported Child and Family Services were once again investigating Spears. The investigation came after they received a tip that Jayden James and Sean Preston had poor eating and sleeping habits, as well as poor dental hygiene. (But hey! At least they keep their underwear and diapers on.) This was the fourth investigation into Spears’ parenting skills, or lack thereof. Like the previous three investigations, Child and Family

Services has yet to take any action.

Unfortunately, this back-and-forth battle may take years to go through the court system and be sorted out – much to the delight of tabloids and cheesy magazines everywhere. (Not to mention those of us that love reading about it while that grocery store clerk takes forever and Grandma writes a check for $4.50.)

It seems like the custody tug-of-war is more a way to get back at one another than for the welfare of the two children.

Well now, isn’t that chaotic?

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