State budget may bring ‘good news’

Christina Stavale

Ohio’s legislature is in conference this week to compromise on the state budget, which includes three different proposals for higher education aid.

No matter the outcome, it will likely be good news for students, said David Creamer, senior vice president for administration.

The Senate proposed a tuition freeze and increased higher education aid for the next two years. It also proposed funds to draw top scientists to Ohio and a scholarship fund for students at two-year public universities.

The Ohio House of Representatives proposed additional higher education aid, but with up to a 3 percent increase in tuition the first year and a freeze in the second year only. The House also proposed a scholarship plan that would push science, math, engineering and technology.

Gov. Ted Strickland proposed a tuition freeze for the first year and a smaller increase in aid than the Senate and House.

The budget will be decided within the week.

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