Events help students adapt to U.S. culture

Becky Smith

Sophomore architecture major Aye Aye eats chocolate chunk and vanilla ice cream at an ice cream social hosted by the Office of International Affairs last Friday. ABIGAIL FISHER | SUMMER KENT STATER

Credit: DKS Editors

The Office of International Affairs has planned a variety of events and activities for international students this summer. The events, most of which are new this year, will include ice cream socials, an Akron Aeros ballpark outing and unscheduled get-togethers, such as cookouts.

The socials serve as a way for international students to meet fellow international students while connecting with American students and staff from the office.

“We’re interested in getting students together over the summer and helping them stay connected,” said Amy Bode, international student and scholar adviser and immigration compliance specialist.

The Akron Aeros ballpark outing at Canal Park will be July 17. Ted McKown II, director of international recruitment and admissions, said he believes this will serve as a big cultural event and will provide students with a small piece of Americana, as baseball is an American pastime.

“(These events) are really good because they help international students get together,” McKown said. “These are great things to help them get assimilated into the American culture.”

Bode said the Office of International Affairs constantly plays a large role in helping international students adapt to American society.

“It is important for students to adjust to the American culture because they’ll be better equipped to face the challenges here in the U.S.,” she said. “When they’re comfortable in their environment, this will help them succeed academically.”

While the Office of International Affairs has several goals regarding the outcomes of the activities, the biggest is to make the international students’ experience a rewarding and memorable one.

“I hope to see assimilation into the American culture, the opportunity for these students to have a cross-cultural experience and to go and have a conversation with someone not like themselves and exchange ideas,” McKown said.

Anyone interested in learning more about summer events and activities through the Office of International Affairs can contact the office at [email protected] or (330) 672-7980.

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