Religious leaders explain the importance of Easter

Heather Scarlett

Holiday means more than hunting for eggs

For many, Easter is a time to remember and celebrate, not because of the Easter Bunny or Cadbury Eggs, but because of the Christian belief in salvation.

“Easter is kind of the reason the Christian faith exists – because of Jesus’ death and resurrection,” said Jerusha Karraker, a staff member for the Dive, a Christian group at Kent State. “That is how we have salvation.”

Christians believe Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of mankind and rose again. His resurrection became the Easter holiday.

Lance Wyse, president of Dive and architecture graduate student, said he believes Easter is the most important holiday in the Christian faith because it shows God’s power through Jesus overcoming death. This act makes it possible for humans to overcome death through salvation.

In Christianity, Karraker said, the Holy Week of Easter begins on what is called “Maundy Thursday,” which is the day of the Last Supper. Some churches begin celebrations on this day.

Good Friday is the day Jesus died on the cross and Sunday is celebrated because it is the day he was resurrected, she said.

“(Friday) is a serious and somber time and Sunday is more of a celebration because Jesus had risen,” Karraker said. “Easter is the reason I can know God in a personal way.”

He paid our penalty of sin by dying and rising again, she said, and that makes it so people can enjoy the here and now as well as going to heaven.

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