The prize at the end of the day

Kelly Pickerel

A gorilla scurries around in front of the M.A.C. Center. A girl says, “Look! A pirate vendor!” and runs toward a Johnny Depp look-alike displaying artwork next to a Coca-Cola van.

A single cornhole board is set up near the van. A few people wearing Coca-Cola shirts throw bags toward the hole in the raised platform.

“You! You look like Cory Matthews! Where’s Topanga?” someone yells from the steps of the M.A.C. Center, stealing attention away from the cornhole booth.

“Everyone loves free CDs! I know you do!” the same person yells as a handful of students rush a Black Squirrel Radio table offering free music.

While the commotion dies down for a few moments, the Coca-Cola shirts go back to throwing bags toward the hole, trying to lure more students to play. Even after advertising the possibility of winning an iPod and an Xbox, the competition looks barren during the first hours of FlashFest.

— Kelly Pickerel