Third honors dean candidate visits campus

Ted Hamilton

Students absent at meet-and-greet

The third honors dean candidate, Leslie Jones, visited the campus yesterday to meet with honors staff, faculty and students.

Jones is currently employed as the associate honors dean at the University of South Carolina. Her background is in psychology and anatomy and a lot of her research has been focused on understanding the physiology and beginnings of epilepsy.

Jones said she feels like she has accomplished everything she can at South Carolina and is “looking for something challenging and new.”

One area Jones would like to focus on is “raising an understanding of the honors college.” She said some non-honors students on campuses have a certain view of honors students that might not be correct.

Another area she said she would like to focus on is the financial development of the college. She said she thinks there is a real possibility of raising awareness among local businesses in the area to gain more funds for the honors college.

No students showed up to the student session to meet Jones, which Vicki Bocchicchio, coordinator of curriculum, fellowships and senior thesis, said was disappointing.

Bocchicchio said it has been a challenge to get students to meet the dean candidates during the time frames given because most are busy during the end of the semester.

However, several students met Jones Tuesday night at the reception that was held for her.

“She was very warm and engaging to the students,” Bocchicchio said.

Jones has traveled around the world and is fluent in several languages, so she was able to speak to an international student in Russian.

The next honors dean candidate, Johnathan Gonder, will visit at 11 a.m. tomorrow in Room 55 of Stopher Hall.

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