There’s Nothing Wrong Being High-Maintenance

Noelle Pennyman

It’s no secret that many don’t like a high-maintenance girl. A lot of men don’t like dating them and women don’t like them (especially if they aren’t high-maintenance themselves.)

But what’s so wrong with being high-maintenance if it’s on your own dime? If the high-maintenance girl doesn’t ask for anything from anyone else to maintain the life she wants, then why does she get so much flack for enjoying the better things in life by her standards?

In an article, high-maintenance women were defined as those who require a lot of things whether it’s material items, money or affection, in order to be happy. They enjoy looking their best whenever possible and are obsessed with not only their appearance but their grooming as well. Their environment must be in perfect condition.

The article names high-maintenance women as “perfectionists, overachievers, self-centered, and a bit vain.”

Speaking from a high-maintenance point of view, I can agree with part of the definition. I do enjoy looking nice (whenever I have the energy), and I do enjoy material things; however, those attributes shouldn’t qualify me as being shallow or vain. I can walk out of the house without makeup melting where I stand.

Since when did being a perfectionist become a negative trait? Would it be better if a person didn’t care how they looked or performed in life? Granted, there are extremes to being a perfectionist, but there are worse qualities a person can have.

For the men who don’t like dating high-maintenance girls, I find it difficult to understand why they are complaining. They get a gorgeous woman on their arm and they get to reap the benefits of being with her.

I highly doubt those men are a walk in the park to be with either. Would they rather date a girl who’s a drug addict or likes to cheat?

I’m high-maintenance but I also pay for everything I have. Whether it’s clothes, purses, makeup or perfume, I pay for it all.

In the same article, it claims that high-maintenance women are hard to shop for and tend to return gifts they receive. First of all, no one can say that they’ve liked every single gift they have received. Remember that ugly sweater hidden in the closet from grandma?

If high-maintenance women are so hard to shop for, here’s a tip: Buy a gift card! No one can fail with a gift card, unless they get it from Home Depot. Then it’s their fault because, seriously, a gift card from Home Depot?

We might take a little longer to get ready and spend a little more time in the mall then the girl who likes to use blush for eye shadow, but that’s just the sacrifice a person has to make to be with them.

There’s always going to be something about a person that you don’t care for. The purpose of a relationship is to love them in spite of the fact.

With all the things a person could be, I would rather date a high-maintenance guy, as long as he doesn’t ask to borrow my lip gloss.

Noelle Pennyman is a junior public relations major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].