KSU students, organizations express sympathy for those at Virginia Tech

Christina Stavale

Across the campus yesterday, students, administration and organizations responded to Monday’s shooting massacre at Virginia Tech.

“It could happen anywhere at any time,” said Larry Duffy, creator of a Facebook group titled Kent State for Virginia Tech.

The junior geography major said he created the group yesterday because he saw that other colleges had support groups for Virginia Tech and thought Kent State should have one too.

As of 9:15 p.m. last night, more than 950 people had joined the group.

“I really do feel for everybody that was involved in it,” Duffy said.

President Lester Lefton also expressed support and sympathy on behalf of himself and the Kent State community through an e-mail sent to Kent State students.

“At Kent State we are especially sensitive to such events and our thoughts and prayers are with our colleagues and friends at Virginia Tech,” the president wrote. “While Virginia Tech is hundreds of miles away, our concern and hurt is not limited by distance.”

Student organizations also responded to the tragedy.

Members of Save the World signed a card at their meeting yesterday evening to be sent to Virginia Tech, along with a scrapbook of cards all students will have the opportunity to sign Thursday at FlashFest.

Katryn Whitman, sophomore fashion design and merchandising major and member of Save the World, said there were a number of things she wanted to say to students at Virginia Tech.

“Everyone in the country is thinking about them,” she said. “This kind of thing affects the entire nation’s psyche.”

Members of Navigators, an interdenominational campus ministry, also gathered to respond to the shootings, in the form of a prayer circle.

Greg Bryan, adviser and director for Navigators, said he wanted to provide students with a way to respond to the tragedy. He said he hoped to focus their prayers not only on the families and students at Virginia Tech, but also “for people all across the nation that have felt the impact of this.”

Erin Ferut, sophomore Spanish education major and member of Navigators, said the shootings hit close to home for her, because a friend of one of her friends was shot twice and injured. The same man was a member of the Navigators ministry at Virginia Tech.

Bryan said he would like the Kent State Navigators to send letters of prayer and encouragement to the Virginia Tech chapter of the organization.

Keith Patti, senior communications studies major, also a member of Navigators, said he felt sympathy toward the man who shot the students as well.

“This guy had some kind of issues,” he said. “It’s a shame that he couldn’t get the help that he obviously needed.”

A memorial service for those who lost their lives is scheduled to be held at noon Friday in Risman Plaza.

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