Sibs compete at RecXtreme

Lil Sibs weekend went extreme at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center Friday for the RecXtreme late-night event.

A total of 942 students and little siblings packed the rec center for a night of rock climbing, laser tag, video games, cornhole, dodge ball, Twister and inflatable obstacles.

What junior marketing major Elise Venditti liked about the event was that it was fun for everyone.

“It’s something younger people and older people can do together,” she said.

Sophomore psychology major Bailey Hunkler said her little brother and sister wanted to be up late.

“They like staying up past their bedtime,” she said. “They know their mom wouldn’t let them be up this late.”

Main Street Coneys provided food for a hot dog eating contest, carrying in the dogs and buns at about 12:50 a.m.

Twelve competitors got plates of nine hot dogs and had 12 minutes to eat as many as they could. The crowed cheered and then gave a collective “Eww” when one competitor threw up his dogs halfway through the contest.

Junior music major Aaron Alli won the event after eating 10 hot dogs, and senior management and pre-dentist major Justin Bob Peeples finished second with nine hot dogs.

“I feel like trash,” he said. “I had to show my little sib what’s up by eating nine hot dogs. I feel like crap over and over, and I don’t like it,” he said.

– Jeff Russ