Ljubi wants more diversity, better use of dollars

Jackie Valley

Two years ago, Kevin Folk, the 2005-2006 senator for business and finance, piqued fellow fraternity brother Andrew Ljubi’s interest in the Undergraduate Student Senate.

This year, Ljubi acted on that interest – joining the Allocation Committee as a member-at-large.

Now, confident in his passion for USS, Ljubi is running for business and finance senator with “solid goals to make the Allocation Committee more efficient and make better use of dollars.”

Ljubi’s bid for the senator of business and finance comes at a time of uncertainty in the future of the Allocation Committee with the proposed removal of permanent seats held by the All Campus Programming Board, Black United Students and the Inter-Greek Programming Board.


• Candidate for business and finance

• Junior finance and computer information systems major from Mentor

• Member-at-large for the USS Allocation Committee

• Recruitment chair and brotherhood chair for Sigma Nu International Fraternity

• Wants to establish a book scholarship for Allocation Committee members to attract qualified students.

• Plans to create weekly “State of the Committee” financial reports to inform members of the Allocation committee’s budget

“Picking a platform right now is a tricky thing,” he said.

Still, Ljubi said his platform, based on tangible goals, will “ultimately lead to more diversity and a better representation of Kent’s campus” in the Allocation Committee.

To do so, Ljubi wants to make better use of the Selection Committee in choosing Allocation Committee members.

Last year, he said he was only interviewed by two people for his current position on the committee.

The Selections Committee by-laws state that designees from Kent Interhall Council, BUS, Commuter and Off-Campus Student Organization, IGPB and ACPB may participate in candidate interviews for the Allocation Committee.

The second part of Ljubi’s platform deals with improving communication inside and outside the committee.

Ljubi said he plans on giving a “State of the Committee” report every week to update committee members and the public about its financial situation.

Ljubi also supports the change being discussed in ad hoc to require student organizations to submit a post-program analysis form after events to help the committee better advise organizations seeking money.

“I think all the things that get funded are good programs,” he said. “Some of them just don’t get great attendance.”

Ljubi said he views the Allocation Committee as a vital part of Kent State’s student government structure.

Ljubi said his outgoing, personable nature, strong financial knowledge and experience with budgeting at his fraternity will allow him to perform well in the position.

“I believe I can communicate well with students and hopefully find out what they need and then I can help,” he said.

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