Films provide avenue for anti-war message

Kelly Pickerel

Credit: Ron Soltys

Last night, the Kent State Anti-War Committee hosted a B.Y.O.P. party: Bring Your Own Popcorn.

The committee, along with the May 4 Task Force, presented the first installment in the Popcorn for Peace film series in the Student Center.

The documentary, Why We Fight, discussed the reasoning behind the United States’ involvement in military combat, especially in Iraq.

Steve Mullet, sociology graduate student, explained military-industrial complex, a topic discussed in the documentary.

“There’s a lot of money to be made in the military,” Mullet said. “It’s a big part of the economy, and the economy needs to be stimulated. (Involvement with the military) benefits the nation.”

Isaac Miller, sophomore history major and member of the anti-war committee, said the group started the film series as a better way to get across a message than just sitting at a meeting.

Twenty-five people attended the showing, and a handful stayed after for a discussion.

Miller, wearing a shirt displaying “I’m already against the next war,” hoped to gain people’s reactions from the discussion. He asked the group if the movie would encourage them to join a political group on campus.

“I hope it pushes them into doing anything,” he said.

Members of the committee will be protesting in Washington, D.C., Saturday, in connection with the fourth anniversary of the initial invasion in Iraq. A smaller protest will also be held in Akron.

Syriana will be the next installment in the series after spring break.

The Kent State Anti-War Committee meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Room 311 of the Student Center.

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