Team Bye Week handles Blue Barricudas

Team Bye Week’s last game was a passing of the torch. Mattimeo ended up with a hat trick, giving him 4 goals this season – and one more than previous team leader Quigs.

Bertram posted his first points this season with the mind-bending second goal and a one-man rush down the ice that ended with Bye Week’s sixth goal, which mercied the opposing team.

Andy Hageman also earned his first point of the season after firing a shot past the goalie.

With so little going on defensively goalie Andy Clawson was switched up to forward for a while and Steve was put in the goal, where he was credited with a save.

Humiliation almost struck when late in the second half Andrew was penalized for throwing his stick. After a quick discussion with the referees, Hageman was able to be swapped back into the goal where he made a stunning save to keep the Blue Barricudas scoreless.

Quigs said he is reviewing the stick-throwing incident and is considering a suspension for Andrew, who was immediately benched for the rest of the game.

Bye Week’s 3-1 record will be on the line at 11:40 p.m. Sunday against Gnaw Computers.

-Andrew Schiller, Team Bye Week