KSU police, athletic department team up for safety

Deanna Stevens

When Kent State men’s basketball team hosts Akron on Sunday, two other teams will make sure the action stays on the court.

The Kent State Police Department and the athletic department’s private security company are in charge of making sure the festivities do not get out of hand.

“We have our own security company, Hall Security,” director of Athletics Laing Kennedy said. “We also have a great relationship with the campus police who are here with a very visible presence.”

Police Sgt. Bob Nation said the department usually has five officers working at men’s basketball games. Eight officers will be assigned to the match-up against Akron, “because of the magnitude of the game.”

Lt. James Cole said basketball games do not draw a big enough crowd to alter the amount of staff. He added that the department does see a small increase of activity, however.

“I can’t recall in the past 15 years where there has been an incident that needed city assistance,” Cole said.

He added the amount of security depends on the game’s location.

“We always look at the venue,” Nation said. “With this game being in the M.A.C. (Center), it has a capacity of about 6,300, so we always take extra precautions.”

Game-day precautions include notifying the fire department and coordinating parking strategies with parking services.

Kennedy said the athletic department tries not to saturate the M.A.C. Center with security, as not to take away from the main event.

“We really want to be fan friendly,” Kennedy said. “The best security is the one you don’t see.”

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