The Secret says think positive, be positive

Azka Khan

Self-help book makes people think twice, but nothing revolutionary

Rhonda Byrne’s controversial book, The Secret, has a powerful message that centers solely on the law of attraction.

Much of the book is teaching readers what the law of attraction is and how much it affects people every day. The law is simply “like attracts like” and therefore, positive thoughts cause positive actions and negative thoughts cause negative actions. Byrne applies the law to every aspect of life: health, money, careers, relationships and family.

Byrne, an Australian TV producer, believes the book is a culmination of theories and beliefs found in every religion. Byrne believed so strongly in The Secret that she made it her life’s mission to spread it to everyone. She seems to be doing well spreading her message — the book has been featured on Oprah, Ellen Degeneres and Larry King. The Secret has been on the New York Times bestsellers’ list for nine weeks and is currently No. 1. Byrne, in attempt to make The Secret available to everybody, made a film by the same name.

The Secret makes one think twice about life. It also makes some valid points about how people usually gravitate toward negative thoughts and feelings because it is easier. Byrne also points out that many people often say “don’t want” more than anything else. She goes further to say society has become the “don’t want society” and this is why people are often unsatisfied with their lives. According to Byrne, people attract what they think, and by thinking negatively people are attracting bad events and situations into their lives. Byrne believes people should focus more on what they want and therefore attract good into their lifes.

Despite its many good points, the book isn’t revolutionary and is pretty much common sense. Everyone knows about cause and effect, but many may not apply it to life. Also, the book focuses on affirmations that are found in just about every self-help book on the market. This means The Secret isn’t that different from other books that give advice on how to change your life.

The controversy surrounding the book is mainly from critics who believe that Byrne is making some outrageous claims, such as saying the secret helped cure her weak eyesight.

While The Secret may not be able to provide cures for other diseases, the book is still interesting and a worthwhile read. Just be sure to take it with a grain of salt.

The Secret

By Rhonda Byrne

Published by Atria / Beyond Words

Genre: Advice / self-help

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