MULTIMEDIA: Life percolates at Mogadore donut shop

Amanda Sowards

A patron sits at the counter of the Donut Depot in Mogadore, which has been in business for more than 30 years. AMANDA SOWARDS | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: John Proppe

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Unnoticeable to those who don’t know it, the Donut Depot has become a staple of Mogadore. Hidden behind a row of cars is the small brick building in which the shop resides. The interior is decorated with gas lanterns and railroad signs. A row of metal stools spans the length of the counter. A glass display case and cabinet cap the counter, showing off all of the fresh goodies.

The store has been in business for 30 years, all of which under the ownership of Bob Grinus. He said he started the business because he always stopped with his family on the way to school at the nearest Krispy Kreme, which was about 30 minutes away, and figured there had to be a need for a donut shop closer to Mogadore.

For more than a decade, Bob got up before daybreak to make the treats and have the store open by 6 a.m. He then went to work at a local school, returned to the shop to close at 5 p.m., then back home to rest for the next day. Now retired, Bob still gets up every morning to make the donuts, turnovers and fritters for the day, and returns at night to close. He says he loves his job and the regulars who make it special.

Most of the patrons of the Donut Depot are regulars who come in several times a week, often for hours. The shop is a meeting place for three brothers before work and a way to pass the time for another.

One customer called the store “the lottery capital of Mogadore.” It is evident with more than $2,000 a day in lottery sales, that tickets are more popular than donuts. While sitting at the counter, it is common to hear a regular say, ” Just one more ticket Tracy,” more than just once.

After the evening rush, several cups of coffee, a few donuts and sometimes dozens of lottery tickets later, the train whistle clock behind the counter tells them that it’s 5 o’clock and time to go home.

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