Trunick seeks to make Kent State trans-fat free

Although she is a freshman, Annah Trunick said as a candidate for governmental affairs, she has many goals to improve Kent State.

The most important part of the governmental affairs position, Trunick said, is voter registration at the university. She said the system for voting on campus for last year’s mid-term elections worked well, and she plans to continue that. In addition, she plans to work to register incoming freshmen to vote.

Trunick said she also has goals for the university outside voter registration.

Annah Trunick

• Candidate for governmental affairs

• Freshman exploratory major from Hartford

• Member of Delta Zeta sorority and Conversation Partners

• Current programming assistant for USS

• Wants to improve virus fixing on campus, would like to do away with letters sent home to parents of underage students

• Wants to make Kent State trans-fat free

One of these is to try to do away with the letter the university sends to parents of underage students caught drinking on campus.

“I really want to stand up for the rights of KSU students as adults over the age of 18,” she said.

Another goal is to provide residence hall students with free service to fix viruses that may have infected their computers. She said this service is free at most universities, but Kent State currently charges students a $25 fee.

She would also like to see Kent State become trans-fat free, she said; she has already spoken to people about this goal and thinks it is capable.

“My intentions are sincere,” she said about fulfilling these goals.

As USS’s current programming assistant, Trunick has previous experience with the senate. She said she has been working on the “What to Do at KSU” Web site and works alongside student organizations to help them organize successful events. She said the job has given her an idea of what goes on with USS.

“I really get a good view of what everyone does in their positions,” she said.

Trunick is also a judicial advocate who talks to students and gives them advice before they go to hearings. She is a member of Delta Zeta sorority.

About her qualifications for the governmental affairs position, Trunick said she is approachable and able to address students’ concerns with creative problem-solving skills.

“I may lack a loud voice, but I think I’ll make up for it because I’m a good listener,” she said, adding that her most important campaign goal is to deal with students’ concerns.

“I’m only a freshman,” she said, “but I’m capable of a lot of things.”

– Christina Stavale