Class cancellations give students time for winter fun, both indoors and out

Amadeus Smith

Bowling away boredom

Adam Tymoszczuk, a freshman flight technology major, spent most of his day off studying in the library.

“I have a test Friday,” Tymoszczuk said. “I thought, ‘I might as well get a heads up on it.'”

But he and Derek Gales, freshman pre-journalism major, are both avid bowlers and wanted to end the day with a few celebratory games.

They bowled at the Eastway Center lanes, where Gales lined himself up with the arrow just to the right of the center of the lane and threw the ball toward the pins.

His head followed the ball’s course as it moved down the lane.

“We bowl a lot,” Gales said. “But not as much as we will today.”

Greased lightnin’

Contrasting the soft white snow, a thin, circular neon green sled sits turned upside down.

Quintin Ratliff, a freshman flight technology major, said it worked just as well as any other, more expensive sled.

He knelt down and shook a bottle of cooking spray, coating the bottom of his sled with it.

“(Cooking spray) makes it go so much faster,” he said.

Ratliff and Stephen Spirnak, also a freshman flight technology major, went to Tallmadge to buy sleds because afternoon classes were canceled.

“He was trying to get me to buy a $16 sled,” Ratliff said. “This one works just fine.”

Ratliff, Spirnak, and Josh McNelley, another flight technology major, had spent most of the day “just hanging out in their dorm rooms,” but they went to the hill behind Taylor Hall later in the day to get in a few downhill slides.

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