Be your intramural team’s beat writer

Joe Gartrell

During my undergraduate days at Ohio State, I was the second baseman and my buddy Scott Carney was the shortstop in what must have been the finest double play combination in Ohio State intramural sports history.

Confirm this by asking anybody from our team, The Darryl Strawboyz – the team with the finest name in intramural sports history.

Carney and I were the Alomar and Vizquel of Fred Beekman Park, and we got that way by working on our pivots and quick release on all those lovely spring days when neither of us had class.

Carney is currently a medical student at Toledo.

The Strawboyz’ captain, Pete Webber, is now a chemist, and our DH, Mike Beem, is an Iraq War veteran.

We’ve lost touch, but those intramural days remain vivid, helped in large part by the articles I’d write about the team for, a now defunct Web site my roommate designed during junior year.

I’d like to offer intramural participants an opportunity to lock those lovely memories away, just as I did.

I’ll be accepting participant-written stories for publication at On occasion, the best stories will be featured in the print edition of the Stater. All stories will be published at

I would like no more than one story per team from each game. The stories don’t have to be long, 100-300 words, and if it’s a game story, I need the score and names of both teams.

We’ll also be holding competitions for the best celebrity-athlete run-in stories, which we’ll post under two categories: So-and-So is a jerk. So-and-So is a mensch.

And if you have a story about a heroic sports achievement from your youth, send it in. We’ll also be selecting the best story in this category.

The winning stories will go in the print edition of the Stater.

Through writing, the event lives on, a little clearer after it’s etched into the writer’s brain.

Blue Chips show promiseMilos Miletic

After his team’s first intramural basketball game, Milos Miletic, captain of the Blue Chips, submitted a game story. Here it is:

The Blue Chips have successfully started the quest for the new championship ring by beating No Limit Soljas by one point.

The beginning of the game showed no indication that we are going to struggle. Bryan Gadson’s, a.k.a. B-Gadson, shooting gave us a seven-point lead.

However, after that, and all the way until five minutes left in the second half, No Limit Soljas were in command. Those guys played really fine ball, and it would not have been undeserved if they got the ‘W’ on Monday.

Nonetheless, luck follows the brave, right? So, Gerald “Mr. Cheeks” Mickie, and Mark “Primetime” Aikens took over the game with several “and one!” plays to lead us to the ultimate victory.

We were lucky tonight, and No Limit Soljas may have been a better team, but the individual quality of Blue Chips prevailed. Summa summarum – Blue Chips are 1-0.

Every journey begins with a small step. It is better if that step is forward, and ours is. Take care, and word to the God.

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