Student Mobile DJs offer party alternative

Emily Andrews

Party lacking some tunes? Need some “Electric Slide” for that special day? No problem.

For a small price, Mobile DJ will come and bring the music to you.

Mobile DJ is a program sponsored by Black Squirrel Radio to play music at different events on and off campus.

Blast-Off and Relay for Life are some of the events Mobile DJ has done. The disc jockey duo play at many different events such as weddings, bars and residence halls for different organizations on campus. Mobile DJ usually has one or two events per month.

Mobile DJ is probably the cheapest in the area, said Sean Lawry, a disc jockey. “We did a wedding for $215, and the estimate from another DJ was $650 to $1000.”

Mobile DJs rates are $100 for the first hour and then $25 each hour after that.

The Mobile DJs this semester are Kenny Brown, a pre-journalism and mass communication major, and Lawry, a communication studies major.

Lawry got into Mobile DJ because he was a DJ for Black Squirrel Radio last spring and helped with the mobile program. This year, because he had prior experience, he became the new Mobile DJ director.

Brown said he went to Black Squirrel Radio, signed up for everything that was offered and was picked to be part of Mobile DJ.

“I really enjoy what I do,” he said. “It’s so much fun to be in an environment where people are laughing, dancing, singing and partying. We have a job where you can listen to great music and be around people who want to have a good time. I don’t know how you couldn’t enjoy it.”

Mobile DJ advertises in the Daily Kent Stater, TV-2 and the Black Squirrel Radio Web site, through which users can view their contract.

The idea for Mobile DJ came from Marianne Warzinski, adviser for Black Squirrel Radio.

“Prior to purchasing our own equipment we were often approached to DJ events by student groups and people who just wanted music for parties,” Warzinski said. “It occurred to us that this would be a good revenue stream so we decided to purchase our own equipment.”

Mobile DJ takes requests for the music it plays at different events and does its best to get people out to the dance floor.

“We try to get people motivated to dance,” Lawry said.

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