Students test comedy skills

Jill Byerly

Nine students came to audition for the American Eagle Campus Comedy Challenge last night in the Rathskeller. The event attracted an audience of about 100.

The event was organized by the All Campus Programming Board, which applied for a position in American Eagle’s challenge in October and was accepted before winter break.

“It’s my senior year, and I’ll have to do the same job every day when I graduate,” said contestant Joe Lombardi, a senior history major. “There was never much to brag about here, but this is cool because students can try out.”

Colleen Burch, junior political science major and special events chair of ACPB, said the three winners will advance into round two next Tuesday at 8 p.m. The winner of that round will receive a $100 American Eagle gift card and be eligible for the chance to compete in the final contest in Cancun.

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“During round two of the challenge, American Eagle is bringing comedians Jasper Redd, Morgan Murphy, Bobby Miyamoto and Marina Franklin to perform,” Burch said.

Comedy challenge contestants were limited to two to five minutes and were required to keep their acts clean.

Senior architecture major Luke Visnic attended the event to support contestant Patrick Rigney.

“I wish it wasn’t down here [in the Rathskeller], though,” Visnic said. “It could be more public.”

Three judges determined the winners by gauging who received the loudest applause.

Jamal Husseini, Patrick Rigney and C.J., whose last name was not released to ACPB, were named the winners.

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