Library offices undergoing renovation

Douglas Miller

The executive offices on the second floor of the library are being remodeled to provide additional space for a receptionist to receive visitors and take calls, Dave Creamer, senior vice president for administration said.

“The renovations do not affect President Lefton’s office but do affect the reception and staff areas immediately outside his office,” Creamer said.

He said the hallway that used to be outside the suite will be enclosed to make space for the receptionist.

The tentative cost estimate for the renovations is $50,000. Creamer said he will not have the actual cost for a few weeks, after all the bills are submitted.

“Typically our estimate would run higher than the actual cost,” Creamer said.

He said the cost will be charged against the president’s budget. In anticipation of some one-time transitional costs for a new president, some extra funding had been set aside for issues like this, Creamer said.

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