Imagine … Fun? Part 4

Anna Duszkiewicz

Students may come to Kent State expecting to fulfill the requirements for their major. But for some, the college experience involves trying something new — regardless of requirements.

Working with glass, clay and various metals, students who take classes from the School of Arts have more of an opportunity to express themselves than in the typical lecture class.

Intro to Jewelry and Metals is a popular studio craft class. “It’s often difficult to get into,” instructor Catharine Cassell said.

Natalie Freedman, sophomore art history and jewelry and metals double major, recommended the class to crafty students. “It’s a good class to take if you like jewelry, making stuff and working with your hands,” she said.

Cassell said it is a fun class, but it may not be what some students would expect.

“It is an art class,” she said. “You get to make jewelry, but you make it as a medium for artistic expression.”

Stephanie Christian, junior fashion merchandising major, said she likes Intro to Jewelry and Metals because she gets to express herself. “We get to put our own ideas into what we do,” she said. “We aren’t told exactly what to put where. We get to be creative.”

Junior glass major Noah Schenk said he likes the hands-on aspect of the class.

The class is more than two hours long, but freshman art education major Bethany Rainbolt said it doesn’t feel like it.

“It goes fast because you’re always working on something,” she said.

Cassell said the class teaches students a lot of skills they can use throughout their lives. “You learn how to make things fit together,” she said. “You learn skills that I think will help you if you’re making anything in the future.”

Sophomore glass major Dan Alexander summed up the class in two short sentences: “It’s not book work. It’s fun work,” he said.

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