Kent students should choose better grapes when they wine

James Everetts

If I could make one request of Kent State students, even if it could last for just one day, it would be to stop whining. College kids have got to be the most senseless whiners I have ever come across.

Now trust me people, I know whiners. I spent eight years of my life in the military. The saying is “You know something is wrong when an enlisted person stops whining.”

College certainly has its stressful moments. There are several times (and this week seems to the week where the workload is finally hitting us) throughout a given semester when things get a little difficult and we have to buckle down. The amazing secret is, however, it can all be accomplished by putting off some of the party plans students have and simply getting to work.

Unfortunately college kids, and yes, the ones in this particular situation are still very much kids, like to wait until the last minute. Then they complain that they never have enough time.

The newest and most entertaining set of whining rants came in response to the cold front that swept across the state over the last few weeks. Between Facebook groups and sad protests over the school’s refusal to close, the whining level reached new heights.

Listen, if you want a day off of school, don’t go, but don’t get upset because a university feels its students are old enough to know how to dress warm. Concerned about frostbite? Perhaps you’ve seen some of the amazing technological advances humans have made in the last few thousand years. You know, like a hat and gloves.

Think about it – the temperature was in the single digits all last week. Did you expect to get the month off?

Even after the school closed down for a day and a half last week there was an abundance of pouters. Hate to break it to you, but when, and if, you graduate from Kent State, the business you go to work for won’t close any sooner.

And please stop with the “I want to scream” groups. That is about the sorriest group I have ever seen in my life. What part of going out into a parking lot and screaming because of stress sounds intelligent to you? Instead, why don’t you go wake up one of the homeless guys living under the bridges downtown and ask them how stressed out they are?

After you read this column, those college kids will have a whole new topic to whine about. They can complain that I don’t know what I’m talking about, or that I’m flat out full of it.

But if you’d really been using your head and not just finding another reason to whine, you would have caught it. Need help?

This entire column is nothing but me whining.

I just had better grapes.

James Everetts is a broadcast news major and columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].