Columnist should rethink his views on gender gap

Carrie Wicks

Dear Editor:

“Gender gap is no coincidence”? Ryan Szymczak needs to step off defense mode and quit whining about not wanting to participate in group-think learning environments. Maybe he would learn more about people different from himself if he interacted with them. Because when we learn that not every female wears pastel beanies and lip gloss (as he so dutifully informed us in his Jan. 29 column), we also learn that those assumptions are what make the gender gap exist.

I’m confused with Ryan on this argument. Does he want to get rid of the gender gap, or widen it? He continuously promotes the idea that men are competing with women over education learning techniques and insist that because women are getting “high” off of learning from other people, that we are a threat? I believe Ryan needs to take some courses on gender and rethink his argument. Ryan’s assumption that I will be watching “Grey’s Anatomy” is a big reason why today’s gender gap is no coincidence.

Carrie Wicks

junior sociology major