MULTIMEDIA: ‘Hair’ audio slideshow

Abby Fisher

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“Stop shaving.”

That’s what cast members of “Hair” were told when they received their parts last semester.

Throughout the weeks of rehearsals, the cast of “Hair” has grown out their manes and into a tight-knit group of theater majors, many of whom will graduate at the end of the semester.

For senior theater major Amber Winstead, “Hair” was her last show as a Kent State student. Winstead said playing her character, Jeanie, has impacted not only her acting, but the way she views the the hippie revolution of the 1960s.

“Ignorant people, like myself before I did ‘Hair,’ had no idea how much the hippie culture stood for good,” she said. “It’s really important that Kent chose to do this show because we do have this historical background.”

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