Koonce camera investigation halts; no suspects remain

Morgan Day

The case of voyeurism involving the hidden camera found in a Koonce Hall women’s bathroom last month has been suspended, said Detective Carl Sweigert of the Kent State Police Department.

He said there are no suspects left, but the case may open again if anyone brings new information to light.

Sweigert said the video camera, which was found in an empty soap dispenser Dec. 4 by sophomore exploratory major Brittani Johnson, was most likely purchased online.

Its estimated price is between $100 and $120, including a receiver, which would enable the voyeur to view the live footage from a monitor somewhere. He said the camera had the same frequency as a cordless phone, and “the signal wouldn’t go very far.”

Although the police searched Koonce Hall, no receiver was found.

The battery-powered camera had only four to six hours of life, so it was probably placed in the bathroom that day, or the battery was replaced that day, he said.

“Nobody talked about this (crime),” Sweigert said. “Maybe it was an individual person that did this. We don’t know if the scheme ever worked out for them.”

Sweigert encourages any student with new information regarding the case to contact the Kent State Police Department at (330) 672-3070.

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