Trailblazing and diversifying: making your entertainment section better

Ben Breier

ALL is going to be changing this semester — and we aren’t talking just about the redesign of the logo you see on the section’s front page.

Don’t worry — we’ll still bring you plenty of interviews with big-name artists, reviews of the latest records and sneak peaks at upcoming films.

But we want to do more.

In this week’s ALL, you can read what assistant editor Andrew Gaug thinks of Children of Men — a movie that tells the story of saving humanity from the brink of destruction.

And if you missed a key movie or record in 2006, don’t worry — our staff collectively rounds up the year’s best and brightest forms of media.

But that’s not all. (Haha, get it? What a horrible pun.)

This year, ALL will expand and take a closer look at electronics and pop culture. Check out Seth Roy’s review of Trauma Center for the Nintendo Wii, and don’t forget to read Jason Hall’s preview of Apple’s newest brainchild — the iPhone.

And as for next week? Pick us up and read what our reporters think about one of fashion’s newest trends – pants sized below zero – and how it could impact society.

Per the norm, we want to hear from you — the reader. You can e-mail me, or comment on Stater Online. The more constructive your criticism, the more we can learn and grow as a section to better serve you and cover the subject matter you care about. Just make sure you check your WTFs and LOLs at the door.

If you’re in a band, or doing something interesting you think the university should know about — tell us. Our reporters have keen senses for entertainment, but if you’re one of Kent State’s best-kept secrets, we need to know.

It’s one hell of a megaphone to utilize.

Ben Breier is a senior newspaper journalism major and the ALL editor of the Daily Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].