Missing furniture frustrates students

Morgan Day

A small number of Kent State students learned last semester that it doesn’t always pay to be bargain shoppers.

After paying for used furniture from Terrace Hall in May 2006, some students were left empty-handed when they returned last fall to pick up their purchases.

Now, Student Legal Services and University Counsel are offering one last chance for students to come forward in hopes of finding a resolution.

“The longer you wait on this stuff, the lower your chance of recovery becomes,” said Chris Sestak, staff attorney for Student Legal Services. “We can’t do anything unless people come forward.”

If you purchased furniture from Terrace Hall and never received it, contact Chris Sestak, staff attorney for Student Legal Services, at (330) 672-9550.

In November, the Stater reported that several students never received furniture they purchased from Dynasty Deconstruction, the company contracted by the university to tear down Terrace Hall.

Senior advertising major Brett Friedman said he never received a chest of drawers for which he paid $20; he discussed the situation with Sestak before winter break.

Although the university wasn’t directly responsible, he said the situation still reflects poorly upon Kent State.

“It’s such a small amount of money from the university’s pocket, you would think that they would’ve wanted to take care of it,” Friedman said.

What makes this case particularly difficult, Sestak said, is the lack of receipts and paperwork that should’ve been filled out when the students purchased the furniture. Furthermore, he has not been able to reach Keith Ludwig, president of Dynasty Deconstruction.

Sestak said he has only spoken with Friedman and one other student involved in the furniture incident.

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