KSU confirms camera found in Koonce bathroom

Abbey Stirgwolt

Dean of Students Greg Jarvie confirmed today that a camera was found in a soap dispenser in the girls’ bathroom on the ninth floor bathroom of Koonce Hall last night.

Kent State police are investigating the incident.

The camera was found by sophomore exploratory major Brittani Johnson around 6:30 p.m. and was later removed by a Koonce Hall resident assistant.

“I thought it was real disgusting and perverted,” she said.

Jarvie said the Kent State police searched all the bathrooms in Koonce Hall last night and every residence hall bathroom this morning. No other cameras or foreign devices were found, he said.

“We have asked the staff and residents to be on heightened alert,” he said. “If something is found, call the Kent State police department.”

According to TV2 News, Kent State police have classified the incident as voyeurism.