Play the Sex Show in the Rat

David Yochum

A red woman wandered through the Student Center last night.

She wore a cape and a hat, and held a handful of healthy hookup kits.

Students wondered what Amy Werstler, junior exercise science major, was, until she was summoned to the Wheel of Sex.

“Captain Condom, come to the front, please,” yelled Sarah Hallsky, graduate assistant at University Health Services.

Spinning the wheel and answering questions about safer sex, anatomy, contraception, HIV and AIDS, Captain Condom and a crowd of 30 students played games at last night’s Rathskeller Sex Show. Part of Kent State’s World AIDS Week, the University Health Services’ games gave students an opportunity to learn about sexual health and win gift cards to places such as Rockne’s or Campus Book and Supply.

Pulled on stage for the Wheel of Sex, Nick Lenos, freshmen exploratory major, learned how to cut a condom into something he never heard of before.

Guided by Hallsky, he opened a condom package, cut the tip of the condom off, sliced the condom down the middle and was holding his first dental dam.

“I didn’t even know what it was,” Lenos said. “I think the Sex Show is a better way to learn about preventing AIDS.”

Offstage, Deidre Jones, senior fashion merchandising major, filled condoms with water, then let students pop the condoms with lubricants to test durability.

“KY Jelly is water based, so it won’t break a condom down,” Jones explained. “Massage oils or anything with oil erodes the condom.”

AIDS week events continue tonight, with award-winning researcher Dr. Dianne Kerr speaking about HIV/AIDS on local, national and global levels.

She will begin at 7 p.m. in the Kiva.

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