Wingin’ it

Jessica Parmelee

Sigma Nu hopes to make eating contest annual event

Senior communication studies major Stephanie Repp finishes off one of the 11 wings she ate during Sigma Nu’s first wing-eating contest for its philanthropy. KATIE ROUPE | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: John Proppe

Sauce-covered mouths chomped down on greasy chicken wings. Students and community members cheered them on.

“Seventeen, 18 wings — keep it up you don’t need water, just eat.”

Sigma Nu held its first wing-eating contest at Mugzee’s last night. The fraternity has been planning the event since last month, Sigma Nu member Korey Papa said.

“This is our a first philanthropy in a while,” Papa said. “Hopefully, this will be a yearly deal.”


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The event took three weeks to plan, said Sigma Nu member Joe Cosentino. There was a lot of advertising and help from the City of Kent Chamber of Commerce, he said.

“Hard work goes into something like this. You want it to turn out well,” Papa said.

Sigma Nu raised $500 at the event that will all go to Hattie Larlham, a non-profit organization that serves children and adults with disabilities. Participants had to pay a $10 entry fee. Sigma Nu sold orange T-shirts for $5 with its letters and Mugzee’s logo on them.

“Most of Hattie Larlham’s volunteers are college students.” said Bill Wahl, a spokesperson for Hattie Larlham. “I think this is great and hope that Kent State students will continue to choice our organization.”

The men of Sigma Nu chose Mugzee’s to hold their event because they are in the restaurant every day, said owner Kurt Zitzner.

“I’m all about getting involved with Kent State and the community,” he said.

There were teams of eight people who competed in a wing-eating contest for 10 minutes, Papa said. The winners received prizes donated from local businesses such as Pulp, Club Khameleon and Wal-Mart, he said.

The announcer, Sigma Nu member Andrew Meeks, read the rules.

“No one can argue with judges, a contestant or bystander. A partially-eaten wing does not count for anything, and even though the wings are different sizes, they all count as one,” Meeks said.

The first round of participants consisted of Kent Mayor John Fender, Dean of Students Greg Jarvie, City of Kent Chamber of Commerce member Dan Smith and Chamber President T.N. Bhargava.

Bhargava won the round by eating eight wings. He said his strategy was making his son stand behind him and eat the wings because Bhargava is a vegetarian.

“It doesn’t even taste like chicken anymore” said David Silverman, a junior sports administration major. Silverman won the second round by eating 21 wings.

“I had to pace myself,” he said. “I think I pick up whatever was in front of me.”

A group of women from Delta Gamma and Delta Zeta raced to see who could eat the most wings.

“Pretend it’s Halloween and you’re 13 — eat those wings,” a bystander said.

Megan Norris, junior sports administration major, won the round by eating 12 wings.

Joe Montanari, a student at the University of Akron, won the contest by eating the most wings overall. He was able to stomach 25.

“With the event, the fraternity can continue to disprove the Animal House reputation,” said Sigma Nu member Jacob Myers.

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