Local band brings insightful songs to the Robin Hood

Robert Taylor

The Robin Hood will be rocked tomorrow night by, unsurprisingly, rock band Amplexus.

“We are a heavier band, but we have enough melody that anyone could listen to it,” said vocalist and lyricist Mahlon Rhodes.

Rhodes said Amplexus has been together for almost four years and the band is trying to create music that says something significant.

“At least for me, writing the lyrics is very important,” Rhodes said. “I like to listen to music that is really saying something. Things that I come across in life, or things that I have trouble with, or things that I want to speak about – I just try to make it come through in music.

The band is also more concerned with the issues about the world, Rhodes said.

“There are a lot of things going on in the world that I want to talk about on a personal level and a world level,” he said. “We don’t write specifically about politics, but the climate of the world and the issues of the war and people dying over religion and everything, it’s definitely a time to not ignore those things. If you are a person that cares about our world, and you want to bring that to the forefront and show how our generation views things.”

Although Rhodes is the main lyricist for Amplexus, he said the entire band works on the music, making every song a group effort.

While the band just began to get its sound and music out there, it is currently working on demos for its first full-length album.

“It’s a second job, but it’s a job you love to do and can’t help but do,” Rhodes said. “I am a bit of a perfectionist. Even though we have been around for almost four years, we are still in our infancy. Musically, we are just scratching the surface of our potential. Getting more people into our music is what our goal would be.”

In order to get their music to a wider audience the band has put much of it on the Internet via their Myspace page and also toured in cities such as Columbus and Toledo.

Still, Rhodes loves fans from Kent, and cannot wait for tomorrow night’s show. Amplexus will also be playing Robin Hood again on November 22 and at the Rathskaller on December 6.

“I really hope that, for people seeing our music, it’s not just to listen to but also to enjoy it,” Rhodes said. “We are going to give every ounce of energy to that show. After we are done with the show, come talk to us. Come party with us. We are going to have a good time. We hope we make new friends who come out. We really want to invite people to come be a part of that. Fans believe in us, and it’s really nice to think that what you are doing is worthwhile.”

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Playing with Drop to Zero, Asleep, Firestone Elementary, Roses Felt Silent

Where? Robin Hood

When? 8 p.m. Friday

How much? $5 (over 21), $7 (under 21)