KSU students watch fanbase grow and release first album

Dave Bolger

Kent State student band The Lake Effects is looking to broaden its horizons.

After a successful album release party at the Phantasy in Lakewood, The Lake Effects will be playing at The Robin Hood at 9 p.m. Saturday.

The Lake Effects is comprised of Kent State students Bryan Pauley, Pat Brennan and Christian Woltman, and drummer Jesse Meekins, who will be attending Kent State in Spring 2007.

“We’ve been playing together for about two years,” said Pauley. “We started jamming mostly in garages before we got serious.”

It’s About Time is the first full-length release by The Lake Effects.The album was released by On Tap Records, which is home to other local artists such as Concrete Swell, Ep3 and Adam Barry.

The Lake Effects

Playing with The Green

Where? The Robin Hood

When? 9 p.m. Saturday

How much? $3 (Over 21) $5 (Under 21)

On Tap Records was created by Scott Miker, a Kent State graduate who started to record for his friends’ bands and eventually got serious about recording professionally.

The Lake Effects’ sound is complex and richly layered, even ethereal at times. In addition to the standard guitar, bass and drums, The Lake Effects also incorporate piano and synthesizers into their music.

“Someone once said we sounded like Wilco,” Pauley said.

“Fans of Pink Floyd will like us, but there is so much more than that,” Brennan said. “Basically if you take Floyd, Zeppelin, Modest Mouse, 311 and Bright Eyes and stick them in a blender, you’ll get our sound. Think of it as classic-progressive-indie rock.”

The Lake Effects’ initial following was friends and family, but well-received live shows and word-of-mouth advertising created a growing buzz.

“We just have really great friends and really loyal fans,” Woltman said. “If someone didn’t open their mouth, we honestly wouldn’t be here. All of our shows have had really good turnouts, and we can see the fan base growing little by little.”

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