Michael Cline


Senator of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering Candidate for USG. 

Senator of the College of Aeronautics and Engineering Candidate

Q: What is your platform?

A: “I feel personally that our college, the Aeronautics and Engineering college, seemed a little distant from the rest of the colleges on campus. I know for a while that they were struggling to find someone to run for this and I would like to change that. I know there’s a lot of students on campus that don’t even know that we have our own airport, so I want to make our presence known a bit more.”

Q: Why should people vote for you?

A: “My major is flight technology and I’m also a tour guide here on Kent State’s campus. I have a second major in Spanish. I’m also the vice president of the National Gay Pilots Association and an officer for our aviation fraternity here so I’m pretty connected on campus. In my junior year, I’ve got to know people in the departments and because I want to connect our college more, I feel like I’ll be able to know some people and some resources to better do that.”

Q: What changes are you looking to enact?

A: “Specifically, I would like to get our college out there more. Our college at Kent State isn’t really known as an engineering college or a stem college and I want to change that because we really do have great programs. I think making that a little more known, that we do have great engineering and stem programs is something pretty important that people need to know about.”