Web sites of the week


As the semester begins to wrap up, students will no doubt be in need of new procrastination methods..

Trolling the Facebook profile of every friend, including those you only kind of, sort of, maybe-met-once-at-a-party know, can only distract you for so long. Finding new ways to amuse yourself is essential. That’s where www.pointlesssites.com comes in.

The site includes hundreds of links that will lead students to everything from weird pictures to mind-numbing games. Along the way you will encounter everything from doodleride.com, which allows users to draw cars and other items to create a big traffic jam, to the completely pointless one-dimension tetris offered at www.tetris1d.org.


If you prefer a more tailored pointless experience, take a look at www.collegehumor.com.

The content of this site is aimed pretty exclusively at college students.

It includes videos and pictures users submit or come across, as well as a blog that, while not always appropriate, is at least mostly amusing. The current discussions range from Britney Spears’ recent peep show to lame groups to start on Facebook to the people you hate and why. The site also includes information games, links to other sites and more.

While some of it may be over the top, some of it will actually make you laugh. And sometimes you’d rather be laughing and reading about the fun things other people are doing while you’re busy slaving away on homework than actually doing that homework.


If College Humor collects the funniest, most random of college topics, then www.fark.com collects the craziest real news out there.

In a concise but long list of recent links, Fark summarizes where the story came from, what category it falls in (everything from weird to spiffy to not safe for work) and includes a short but humorous description of what it’s about.

Consider this line for a story, filed under the label “Hero,” from a North Carolina paper: “Four-year-old Power Ranger chases away robbers with plastic sword, mighty morphin.'”

Other random stories are similarly described. Some are more amusing than others, but all are legitimate.

Users also are encouraged to submit links they come across and to comment on the links already posted.