Recruiting: It’s also an out-of-state affair

Matthew White

Toledo grad travels as recruiter of potential Kent State students

Jennifer Ice is busy proving that a University of Toledo graduate can sell Kent State to high school seniors.

Ice, who is one of two out-of-state recruiters for Kent State, was thrust into the fray shortly after taking her position at the Admissions office.

“I didn’t come from Kent State, so I had about a month to learn everything about everything on top of everything,” she said.

“My average week is, I leave on a Sunday night and I come back on a Friday late afternoon or evening.”

The constant traveling takes its toll, Ice said.

“Sometimes I don’t really have time to do my laundry, or I have to dry clothes in the back of my car,” she said. “If you walked into my apartment right now, you wouldn’t think anyone lived there. I mean, there’s no food in my fridge.”

Ice said she visits 61 high schools and about 12 college fairs throughout Pennsylvania and New York.

Ice said her traveling has come with some trials and tribulations.

Once she was on her way to Buffalo, N.Y., when she lost control of her car.

Other struggles for Ice include transporting the literature and personal luggage needed for traveling.

“In your car, it’s packed to capacity, you basically have room for one other person,” Ice said. “You take boxes and boxes. A box has like 75 of the view books in it, and you may go through it at one school.”

The most unpredictable part of her work is the students.

“I went to an all-boys school, and I had this really cute skirt on, and a form-fitting turtleneck,” she said. “I walked in there, and eight students who were supposed to come, but there were almost 20 at the presentation. They were very rambunctious, somewhat inappropriate. Making comments and insinuating things.”

Overall, despite the troubles, Ice said that traveling isn’t too bad.

“I do enjoy traveling,” she said. “But right now, I say that with less enthusiasm. It’s fun to have a company car, it’s fun to have a credit card and be able to eat every night, it’s fun to talk to students, but you’re ready to be in the office by the time its over.”

Ice said she’s looking forward to spending time in Kent and finally getting to live in her apartment.

“I’m looking forward being in the office, learning what I’m supposed to do and meeting the other people.”

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